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Registration/Assignment Details

Registration and Application Details
Licence Number 9469871
Device Registration ID 11443018
Client Telstra Corporation Limited
Site 25m Pole, 2 Quay Boulevard Torquay VIC
Certification Method S145
Date Authorised 02/Dec/2021
Device Type Transmitter
Group Flag FALSE
Transmitter Details
Emission Center Frequency 2.65 GHz
Bandwidth 40 MHz
Emission Designator 40M0W7D
Antenna Panel (1 sector), RV4PX308R-V2 (2.5), ARGUS
Antenna Height (AGL) 18 m
Antenna Polarisation Slant
Antenna Azimuth 80°
Antenna Tilt
Transmitter Power 63 W pY
Feeder Loss .81 dB
EIRP 2183 W
Radiated Power Pattern dBm per 30kHz
180° 270° 90° -.9 15.6 32.1

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