Register of Radiocommunications Licences

Registration/Assignment Details

Registration and Application Details
Licence Number 9263448
Device Registration ID 9327609
Client Optus Mobile Pty Limited
Site Yarra Valley Water Forster Rd HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS VIC 3081
Certification Method
Date Authorised 01/Aug/2013
Device Type Receiver
Group Flag FALSE
Receiver Details
Emission Center Frequency 1.7625 GHz
Bandwidth 15 MHz
Emission Designator 15M0W7D
Antenna Panel (1 sector)-R, CNNPX308(1.8), ARGUS
Antenna Height (AGL) 13 m
Antenna Polarisation Slant
Antenna Azimuth 120°
Antenna Tilt -8°
Level of Protection -115 dBm/30 kHz
Feeder Loss 2.02 dB

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