Register of Radiocommunications Licences

Assignment Details

Assignment and Application Details
Licence Number 1138055/1
Freq. Assign. ID 0001166183
EFL ID 1305958
System ID 228510
Former Device ID 1142868-2216268
Client Bureau of Meteorology
Site TVNZ(A) HF Tx MSCS remote site near Collaroy CHARLEVILLE QLD 4470
Station Name Bureau of Meteo CHARLEVILLE 12.3664
Coverage Local
Status Granted
Device Type Transmitter
Date Authorised 01/Aug/2001
Special Conditions Carrier Frequency : 12.365 MHz
NOTE: There may be additional text attached to the licence associated with this assignment.
Transmitter Details
Emission Center Frequency 12.3664 MHz
Bandwidth 3 kHz
Emission Designator 2K80J3E
Antenna Unknown antenna type, size or specifications-, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
Antenna Height (AGL) 0 m
Antenna Polarisation Linear Horizontal
Antenna Azimuth  
Antenna Tilt  
Antenna Multi Mode N
Transmitter Power 1000 W pX
Feeder Loss 0 dB
Device Details
Mode Simplex
Callsign VMC
Supplimental Device N
Class of Station FC - Coast station
Nature of Service CR - Station open to limited public correspondence

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