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Assignment Details

Assignment and Application Details
Licence Number 1954831/1
Freq. Assign. ID 0001413137
EFL ID 1601541
System ID 600698
Former Device ID 1837351-2252453
Client Tx Australia Pty Limited
Site Telstra site MT ST LEONARD VIC 3777
Station Name Healesville
Coverage Local
Status Granted
Device Type Transmitter
Date Authorised 04/Sep/2012
Advisory Notes Any transmission in accordance with this specification is planned on the basis that it will be protected to a minimum median field strength level of 63 dBuV/m against interference from other broadcasting services.

This service may need to operate as part of an SFN (Single Frequency Network).
Special Conditions Carrier Frequency : 578.500 MHz
NOTE: There may be additional text attached to the licence associated with this assignment.
Transmitter Details
Emission Center Frequency 578.5 MHz
Bandwidth 7 MHz
Emission Designator 6M70V7W
Antenna Height (AGL) 35 m
Antenna Polarisation Linear Vertical
Antenna Azimuth  
Antenna Tilt  
Antenna Multi Mode N
Transmitter Power 0 W pY
Feeder Loss 0 dB
EIRP 410 W
Device Details
Callsign ABC35
Supplimental Device N
Class of Station BT - Broadcast Station, Television
Nature of Service CO - Station open to official correspondence exclusively
Broadcast Licence Additional Information
Tech Spec ID 1135755
Dropthrough ID 1132828

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