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Assignment and Application Details
Licence Number 10085407/2
Freq. Assign. ID 0001662353
EFL ID 1976355
System ID 1249092
Client Arrow Energy Ltd
Site Central Gas Processing Facility Lake Broadwater Rd DALBY QLD 4405
Station Name Station 1
Coverage Local
Status Granted
Device Type Receiver
Date Authorised 03/Aug/2020
Advisory Notes The shared spectrum arrangements and uncoordinated nature of class licensed radiocommunications devices in the 1880-1900 MHz band: a. may result in interference from nearby class licensed radiocommunications devices that may reduce system performance; and b. the likelihood of such interference is very low due to the dynamic channel allocation techniques inherent in cordless technologies used in the band; and c. protection from such interference cannot be afforded.
NOTE: There may be additional text attached to the licence associated with this assignment.
Receiver Details
Emission Center Frequency 1.91 GHz
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Emission Designator 10M0D7W
Antenna Panel (1 sector)-R, A194518R0, HUAWEI
Antenna Height (AGL) 50 m
Antenna Polarisation Slant
Antenna Azimuth  
Antenna Tilt  
Antenna Multi Mode Y
Receiver Threshold
Feeder Loss .5 dB
Device Details
Mode Simplex
Supplimental Device N
Class of Station FX - Fixed station

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ID Frequency Emission Designator T/R Site/Area BSL/Licence No
1976352 1.91 GHz 10M0D7W T Central Gas Processing Facility Lake Broadwater Rd DALBY QLD 4405 (9018421) 10085407/2

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