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Assignment Details

Assignment and Application Details
Licence Number 11203677/1
Freq. Assign. ID 0003111640
EFL ID 7657581
System ID 4110813
Site Geelong Broadcasters Site Murradoc Hill 270 Founds Road DRYSDALE VIC 3222
Station Name Station 1
Coverage Local
Status Granted
Device Type Transmitter
Date Authorised 23/Feb/2021
Advisory Notes The paging transmitter authorised by this licence has been licensed on the condition that the licensee accepts any mutual interference that occurs between this and any other paging service licensed to them on the same frequency within 100km.
NOTE: There may be additional text attached to the licence associated with this assignment.
Transmitter Details
Emission Center Frequency 148.9125 MHz
Bandwidth 25 kHz
Emission Designator 16K0F2D
Antenna Parallel array of vertical dipoles, S4B43-1C, ZCG Scalar
Antenna Height (AGL) 65.8 m
Antenna Polarisation Linear Vertical
Antenna Azimuth 180°
Antenna Tilt  
Antenna Multi Mode N
Transmitter Power 100 W pY
Feeder Loss 2.2 dB
EIRP 500 W
Device Details
Supplimental Device N
Class of Station FB - Base station

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