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Assignment Details

Assignment and Application Details
Licence Number 11178930/2
Freq. Assign. ID 0003071082
EFL ID 8206749
System ID 4391493
Client Starlink Internet Services Pte. Ltd
Area Australia-wide
Station Name Station 1
Coverage Local
Status Granted
Device Type Receiver
Date Authorised 16/Jul/2021
Advisory Notes This licence does not authorise operation of earth stations outside of Australia.

Coordination agreements reached as a result of an ITU international frequency coordination process are intended to minimise the potential for harmful interference to radiocommunications stations. A radiocommunications station operated prior to a frequency assignment being recorded in the MIFR cannot necessarily claim protection from harmful interference from radiocommunications stations of other countries.

The Master International Frequency Register (MIFR) is maintained by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in accordance with the Radio Regulations.
Special Conditions Earth station transmitters on land associated with this space station must not be operated within 70 kilometres distance from the Murchison Radioastronomy Observatory without the approval of the entity responsible for operating the Murchison Radioastronomy Observatory.

Transmissions must not occur in circumstances that result in harmful interference to stations outside of Australia where these stations are operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations of the ITU except where the transmissions are in accordance with any agreements reached as a result of an ITU international frequency coordination process.

Upon receipt of a report of harmful interference under International Telecommunication Union Radio Regulation No. 11.42 all necessary steps shall be taken immediately eliminate the harmful interference or cease operation.

Prior to the frequency assignments being recorded in the Master International Frequency Register, this space station and associated earth stations may operate in accordance with the operating parameters published by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Special Sections of International Frequency Information Circulars and in accordance with any agreements reached as a result of an ITU frequency coordination process.

The licensee shall advise the ACMA of changes to the point of contact provided for the purpose of tracing any suspected cases of interference.
NOTE: There may be additional text attached to the licence associated with this assignment.
Receiver Details
Emission Center Frequency 14.25 GHz
Bandwidth 500 MHz
Emission Designator 250MD7W
Antenna Integralantenna,unknownspecifications, Ka band_V1, SpaceX
Antenna Height (AGL) 0 m
Antenna Polarisation RH Circular
Antenna Azimuth  
Antenna Tilt  
Antenna Multi Mode Y
Receiver Threshold
Feeder Loss 0 dB
Device Details
Supplimental Device N

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