Register of Radiocommunications Licences

Client Details

Client Number 559437
Licensee South Pacific Contest Club Inc
Postal Address PO Box 2480 TAYLORS LAKES VIC 3038
Fee Status Normal

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Licences Held

Results 1 - 16 of 16 licences.

BSL/Licence No Service Sub Service Date of Expiry Callsign(s) Ship Name Status
495976/1 Amateur Advanced 19/Jun/2023 VK3HF Granted
1321944/1 Amateur Advanced 26/Aug/2023 VK9LHI Granted
1914150/1 Amateur Advanced 31/May/2023 VK9MR Granted
1914153/1 Amateur Advanced 31/May/2023 VK9CI Granted
1914154/1 Amateur Advanced 31/May/2023 VK9XI Granted
1914156/1 Amateur Advanced 31/May/2023 VK9NI Granted
1936626/1 Amateur Advanced 05/May/2023 VK0HI Granted
1936684/1 Amateur Advanced 05/May/2023 VK0MI Granted
1936685/1 Amateur Advanced 05/May/2023 VK9WG Granted
1941655/1 Amateur Amateur Repeater 08/Feb/2023 VK3RDX Granted
1957387/4 Amateur Amateur Repeater 15/Jan/2024 VK3RLP Granted
1957388/2 Amateur Amateur Repeater 13/Jan/2024 VK3RPT Granted
1984864/1 Amateur Advanced 17/Feb/2023 VK7FG Granted
10265941/2 Amateur Amateur Repeater 26/Jul/2023 VK3RNB Granted
10269114/1 Amateur Amateur Repeater 27/Jul/2023 VK3RNW Granted
10298711/1 Amateur Amateur Repeater 14/Sep/2023 VK3RYR Granted

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