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Licence Details

Licence Number 10435053
Client Telstra Corporation Limited
Status Granted
Service Spectrum
Sub Service 1800 MHz Band
Date of Effect 18/May/2018
Date of Expiry 17/Jun/2028
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Assignments for this Licence

Found 59426 assignments.
ID Frequency Emission Designator T/R Site/Area
This licence has too many assignments to list here. More than 50000

Geographic area frequency bands for this Licence

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Results 11 - 12 of 12 Geographic areas.

Geographic area Lower Band, Lower Limit Lower Band, Upper Limit Upper Band, Lower Limit Upper Band, Upper Limit
Area 11 1.71 GHz 1.75 GHz 1.805 GHz 1.845 GHz
Area 12 1.71 GHz 1.75 GHz 1.805 GHz 1.845 GHz

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