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Licence Number 1198408/1
Client Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Status Granted
Category Apparatus Licence
Service Broadcasting
Sub Service National Broadcasting
Callsign(s) 5CK
Date of Effect 22/Oct/2022
Date of Expiry 30/Nov/2023
Special Conditions The licensee must ensure that no harmful interference shall be caused to the operation of any radiocommunication station or service. If the operation of the transmitter is causing interference to other services, the licensee is required, at the licensee's own expense, to adjust, or fit devices to, receivers in order to eliminate or minimise that interference.

This transmitter must only be used to provide national broadcasting services as defined under section 13 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.
NOTE: There may be additional text attached to the station/assignment associated with this licence.
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Assignments for this Licence

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ID Frequency Emission Designator T/R Site/Area
1599806 639 kHz 18K0A3E T Standby Mast BA Site Huddleston Rd 5km ENE of CRYSTAL BROOK SA 5523 (141209)
1599805 639 kHz 18K0A3E T BA Site Huddleston Rd 5km ENE of CRYSTAL BROOK SA 5523 (24593)

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