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Licence Number 1281197/2
Status Granted
Category Apparatus Licence
Service Fixed
Sub Service Point to Multipoint
Callsign(s) VJE506
Date of Effect 19/Apr/2022
Date of Expiry 17/Apr/2023
Advisory Notes Conditions applicable to the operation of Point to Multipoint station(s) authorised under this licence can be found in the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Apparatus Licence) Determination and the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Fixed Licence) Determination, the 'fixed licence lcd'. Copies of these determinations are available from the ACMA and from the ACMA home page (
Special Conditions The licensee is only authorised to operate point to multipoint station(s), remote stations and remote control stations, in an area around each site specified above, the area being within the boundary of a circle of radius 40 kilometres where the centre of the circle is the site specified.

Between 0 degrees C and 40 degrees C, adjacent channel power to < -30DBM measured within a 10 kHz BW centered in the upper or lower 12.5 kHz channel adjoining the assigned channel limits. Any transmitter or receiver conducted spurious signal power to be < -45DBM. Transmitter noise power to be < -60DBM measured within a 10 kHz BW at 300 kHz or greater offsets from the assigned frequency.
NOTE: There may be additional text attached to the station/assignment associated with this licence.
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Assignments for this Licence

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ID Frequency Emission Designator T/R Site/Area
4142913 461.25 MHz 25K0FXW T Langs Hill Reservoir WOODBURN NSW 2472 (250462)
4142916 451.75 MHz 25K0FXW R Langs Hill Reservoir WOODBURN NSW 2472 (250462)

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