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Licence Details

Licence Number 1567136/1
Client Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Status Granted
Category Apparatus Licence
Service Fixed
Sub Service Television Outside Broadcast Network
Date of Effect 29/Dec/2020
Date of Expiry 06/Feb/2022
Advisory Notes Conditions applicable to the operation of Television Outside Broadcast Network station(s) authorised under this licence can be found in the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Apparatus Licence) Determination and the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Fixed Licence) Determination. Copies of these determinations are available from the ACMA and from the ACMA home page (

Licensees may authorise other persons, in writing, to operate Radiocommunications devices under the licence for the purposes of television outside broadcasts.

This frequency band is currently under review to accommodate changes in technology. This review may lead to a requirement to change frequency or to cease transmission.
Special Conditions This licence authorises the operation of stations using any type of emissions provided that the emissions are contained within the frequency bands specified in the licence.

The licensee accepts that for paragraph 6(1) in Radiocommunications (Spread Spectrum Devices) Class Licence 2002, a Radiocommunications device operating in the frequency band 2463.5 MHz to 2483.5 MHz in accordance with that Class Licence (except for that paragraph) is taken not to cause interference to a television outside broadcast station operating in the frequency band 2463.5 MHz to 2491.5 MHz.

On or after 1 September 2002, the licensee must coordinate any proposed transmissions in the frequency range 7250 to 7375 MHz with the Department of Defence before commencing such transmissions.,
NOTE: There may be additional text attached to the station/assignment associated with this licence.
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Assignments for this Licence

Results 1 - 10 of 10 assignments.

ID Frequency Emission Designator T/R Site/Area
834262 8.303 GHz 28M0F3XX R Australia-wide (1)
834270 2.094 GHz 24M0F9W R Australia-wide (1)
834267 8.289 GHz 28M0F9W R Australia-wide (1)
834264 13.199 GHz 28M0F9W R Australia-wide (1)
834268 8.345 GHz 28M0F9W R Australia-wide (1)
834269 8.387 GHz 28M0F9W R Australia-wide (1)
834263 13.115 GHz 28M0F9W R Australia-wide (1)
834271 2.228 GHz 16M0F9W R Australia-wide (1)
834265 12.919 GHz 28M0F9W R Australia-wide (1)
834266 12.975 GHz 28M0F9W R Australia-wide (1)

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