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400 MHz Licences where Licence No. is 1978715/1.

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Client No. Licence No. Assigned Frequency Related Frequency Transition Arrangement and Deadline Technical Details
1421726 1978715/1 466.55 MHz 456.55 MHz No action required

Licence No. 1978715/1
Licence Type Land Mobile
Licence Subtype Land Mobile System - > 30MHz
Status Granted
Expiry Date 16/JAN/2024
Transition Status

Assigned Frequency 466.55 MHz
Related Frequency 456.55 MHz
Split 10
Bandwidth 25
Emission Designator 16K0F2D
EIRP 8.3
Transmitter Power 5 pY
Operating Mode Transmitter
Segment X
Related Segment S

Client No. 1421726
Client Classification NON-GOVT
Trading Name Kielli Pastoral Co
Organisation Name James Travers Grant
Contact James Travers Grant
Postal Address Kielli JIMBOUR QLD 4352

Site Id. 403728
Coverage Sub-Local
Licensing Area Low Density Area
State QLD

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