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Sites where within 1km of Latitude: -32.197154, Longitude: 115.962923

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Site ID Name City District State Postcode Asgn Site KML HCIS Level 2 Dist Elev Profile
9011937 Telstra RBS End of Kellet Dr DARLING DOWNS DARLING DOWNS WA 6121 54 [KML] BV4D
9022697 NBN Co Test Trailer (CW_P1) within 10 km of End of Kellet Drive DARLING DOWNS DARLING DOWNS WA 6121 6 [KML] BV4D
10000163 NBN Co Site Lot 600 Hopkinson Road HILBERT HILBERT WA 6122 470 [KML] BV4D
10006141 Armadale Landfill & Recycling Facility Hopkinson Road Darling Downs Darling Downs WA [KML] BV4D

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