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Sites where within 10km of Latitude: -40.063844, Longitude: 144.059269

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Site ID Name City District State Postcode Asgn Site KML HCIS Level 2 Dist Elev Profile
9900411 Mobile Spectrum Licensing Site GRASSY GRASSY TAS 7256 [KML] KY3A
10028463 Dolphin Tungsten Mine Site 0.6 km SE of GRASSY GRASSY TAS 2 [KML] KY3A
10016656 Water Treatment Plant Banksia St GRASSY GRASSY TAS 2 [KML] KY3A
10008738 Community Radio Mast Water Tower 2 Blackwood St GRASSY GRASSY TAS [KML] KY3A
9018757 Entura site 11 Banksia Street GRASSY GRASSY TAS 7256 2 [KML] KY3A
10028695 DGPS Transmitter Dolphin Tungsten Mine Grassy Grassy TAS 4 [KML] KY3A
10034201 Comms Mast 23 Sassafras St Grassy Grassy TAS 2 [KML] KY3A
33781 Radio Terminal Gentle Annie KING ISLAND KING ISLAND TAS 7256 72 [KML] KY3A
9027787 Wharf Grassy Harbour Road KING ISLAND KING ISLAND TAS 7256 14 [KML] KY3A
700717 Bold Head (north east of Grassy) KING ISLAND KING ISLAND TAS 7256 [KML] KY3A
131959 Telstra Site Old Power Station (via Grahams Rd) Grassy KING ISLAND KING ISLAND TAS 7256 4 [KML] KY3A
33198 Radio Terminal LYMWOOD LYMWOOD TAS 7256 [KML] KY3A
10016658 Gentle Annie Reservoir Grassy Rd LYMWOOD LYMWOOD TAS 6 [KML] KY3A
305505 BOM Site Hut Rd MT STANLEY MT STANLEY TAS 7256 2 [KML] KY2D

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