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Sites where within 10km of Latitude: -26.955203, Longitude: 150.81027

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Site ID Name City District State Postcode Asgn Site KML HCIS Level 2 Dist Elev Profile
10013161 Arrow TWR11 Healys Crossing Rd WARRA  WARRA  QLD 2 [KML] MT6P
10026232 Arrow Tower 22 (TWR22) Warra-Kogan Rd WARRA WARRA QLD 28 [KML] MT6P
9003133 Kogan Creek Mine Smiths Road via BRIGALOW BRIGALOW QLD 4411 11 [KML] MT6P
10014166 Banana Bridge Road KOGAN CREEK KOGAN CREEK QLD [KML] MT6P
14783 Shire Council Site WARRA WARRA QLD 4411 4 [KML] MT6P
133072 Telstra Site North Kogan Rd KOGAN KOGAN QLD 4411 18 [KML] MT6P
9003805 Kogan Repeater North Kogan Road KOGAN KOGAN QLD 4411 14 [KML] MT6P
9000154 Powerlink Site Banana Bridge Rd 14 km SSW BRIGALOW BRIGALOW QLD 4411 [KML] MT6P
9019561 Condabri Banana Ridge Road (25km SSE of) CHINCHILLA CHINCHILLA QLD 4411 [KML] MT6O
9000939 DGPS Site Power Station KOGAN CREEK KOGAN CREEK QLD 4411 [KML] MT6O
10026236 Arrow Tower 28 (TWR28) North Kogan Rd KOGAN KOGAN QLD 24 [KML] MT6O
405028 Power Station KOGAN CREEK KOGAN CREEK QLD 4411 [KML] MT6O
9911265 Mobile Spectrum Licensing Site WARREGO HIGHWAY WARREGO HIGHWAY QLD 4411 [KML] MT6P
134594 Optus Site Dalby North Ehlma Road WARRA WARRA QLD 4411 2 [KML] MT6P
403979 Optus Site Ehlma Rd WARRA WARRA QLD 4411 14 [KML] MT6P
10026279 Starlink Earth Station Warrego Highway WARRA WARRA QLD 10 [KML] MT6P
10013148 Arrow TWR21 Babana Bridge Rd Hopeland  Hopeland  QLD 2 [KML] MT6O
9009855 Logie Road, 4 km S of WARRA WARRA QLD 4352 1 [KML] MT6P

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