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Sites where within 10km of Latitude: -27.107104, Longitude: 150.71422

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Site ID Name City District State Postcode Asgn Site KML HCIS Level 2 Dist Elev Profile
9017871 QGC Comms Tower Jordan via KOGAN KOGAN QLD 4421 2 [KML] MT9C
9012442 QGC Jordan Site off Tara Kogan Rd 10km SW KOGAN KOGAN QLD 4421 30 [KML] MT9C
136770 Lagoon Gully Relift Station LAGOON GULLY LAGOON GULLY QLD 4421 [KML] MT9C
9015546 Jordan (29km NE of) TARA TARA QLD 4421 [KML] MT9C
136771 Lagoon Gully Bores LAGOON GULLY LAGOON GULLY QLD 4421 [KML] MT9C
9000441 BP2 5 km SW KOGAN KOGAN QLD 4411 [KML] MT9C
10018836 Kainama Proposed 6 (APLNG site), 4.9 km southwest of Kogan Kogan QLD 2 [KML] MT9C
9021193 QGC Sean Telecommunications Tower off Kerrs Road, 6 km SW of BEELBEE BEELBEE QLD 4411 12 [KML] MT9D
141722 Comms site Tara-Kogan Road KOGAN KOGAN QLD 4421 [KML] MT9C
10010595 Telstra Exchange Cnr Wambo Street and Ann Street Kogan Kogan QLD 2 [KML] MT9D
10024514 ViaSat Earth Station, 5 Wallace Street Kogan Kogan QLD 5 [KML] MT9D
9017853 QGC Poppy Field Compressor Station Lot 32 Plan DY75, Kerrs Road, 8.3 km SW of BEELBEE BEELBEE QLD 4421 10 [KML] MT9D
9017849 QGC Celeste Field Comp Stn off Weranga North Rd GORANBA GORANBA QLD 4421 6 [KML] MT9C

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