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Sites where within 10km of Latitude: -38.547604, Longitude: 143.859661

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Site ID Name City District State Postcode Asgn Site KML HCIS Level 2 Dist Elev Profile
42097 Comm Site Sabine Rd MT COWLEY MT COWLEY VIC 3221 126 [KML] KX5L
9001902 Telstra Site Track off Benwerrin - Mt Sabine Road LORNE LORNE VIC 3235 28 [KML] KX5L
37396 Telstra Customer near MT COWLEY MT COWLEY VIC 3221 [KML] KX5L
10017531 Optus COW Falls Road Lorne Lorne VIC 64 [KML] KX5L
10017981 Falls Festival Erskine Falls Road LORNE (NSW) LORNE (NSW) VIC [KML] KX5L
137024 Erskine Falls Rd LORNE LORNE VIC 3235 6 [KML] KX5L
9014577 Telstra CMTS Site Erskine Falls Road VIA LORNE VIA LORNE VIC 3235 4 [KML] KX5L
11685 Wickham Knoll Mt Sabine Rd BENWERRIN BENWERRIN VIC 3243 [KML] KX5H
9900370 Mobile Spectrum Licensing Site LORNE LORNE VIC 3221 [KML] KX5L
10018915 Lorne 28 Erskine Falls Road LORNE LORNE VIC 40 [KML] KX5L
9011083 Water Treatment Plant WT935 Cnr William Street & Polwarth Road LORNE LORNE VIC 3232 2 [KML] KX5L
45669 CFA Site cnr The Boulevard & Great Ocean Rd WYE RIVER WYE RIVER VIC 3221 6 [KML] KX5L

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