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Sites where within 1km of Latitude: -33.761843, Longitude: 151.070536

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Site ID Name City District State Postcode Asgn Site KML HCIS Level 2 Dist Elev Profile
133360 RTA Sign Horthbound Carriageway Cheltenham Oval CHELTENHAM CHELTENHAM NSW 2121 [KML] NV7M
135251 Optus Site M2 Beecroft M2 Outbound EPPING EPPING NSW 2121 46 [KML] NV7M
10002399 North West Rapid Transite Site Castle Howard Road CHELTENHAM CHELTENHAM NSW [KML] NV7M
10025142 Beecroft SC5 Road reserve, adjacent to 22A Boronia Avenue BEECROFT BEECROFT NSW 8 [KML] NV7M
10023644 Beecroft SC3 On road reserve, adjacent 172 Beecroft Rd CHELTENHAM CHELTENHAM NSW 8 [KML] NV7M
10018249 Timber Pole Adjacent to 26and 28 Magnolia Avenue EPPING EPPING NSW 8 [KML] NV7M
10023645 Beecroft SC4 On road reserve, adjacent 142 Beecroft Road BEECROFT BEECROFT NSW 8 [KML] NV7M
40158 Railway Station CHELTENHAM CHELTENHAM NSW 2119 [KML] NV7M
203692 Vodafone/Optus Site Epping M2 Tunnel western end off Somerset St EPPING EPPING NSW 2119 4 [KML] NV7M
10026516 Beecroft SC2 Existing utility pole EP75866 in the road reserve adjacent to 1 The Crescent Beecroft Scout Hall (Cheltenham) BEECROFT NSW 2119 BEECROFT NSW 2119 NSW 12 [KML] NV7M
9010391 Telstra West Epping Bowls Club 17 - 19 Mountain St EPPING EPPING NSW 2121 42 [KML] NV7M
204689 Hutchison Site West Epping Park Lilli Pilli St EPPING EPPING NSW 2121 [KML] NV7M
9007783 Telstra Site The Crescent CHELTENHAM CHELTENHAM NSW 2119 124 [KML] NV7M
204918 Hutchison Lightpole West Epping Bowling Club Mountain St WEST EPPING WEST EPPING NSW 2121 5 [KML] NV7M
40172 Railway Station CHELTENHAM CHELTENHAM NSW 2119 2 [KML] NV7M

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