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Sites where within 20km of Latitude: -35.072586, Longitude: 143.570879

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Site ID Name City District State Postcode Asgn Site KML HCIS Level 2 Dist Elev Profile
303051 Telstra Site Stony Creek Balranald Rd STONY CROSSING STONY CROSSING NSW 3585 2 [KML] KW5C
9971 Essential Energy 35m Lattice Tower 1681 Lake Poomah Rd STONEY CROSSING STONEY CROSSING NSW 3585 22 [KML] KW5C
9016960 DGPS Site Lake Genoe Swan Hill-Balranald Road STONY CROSSING STONY CROSSING NSW 2735 2 [KML] KW5C
9006899 Genoe Main Road KYALITE KYALITE NSW 2735 1 [KML] KW5C
370211 Telstra Customer Lake Genoe via Stoney Crossing SWAN HILL SWAN HILL NSW 3585 [KML] KW5C
9012006 Mallan Off Moulamein Rd MALLAN NSW 3586 MALLAN NSW 3586 NSW 2733 22 [KML] KW5C
303050 Telstra Site Toorannie Moolmein Rd MALLAN MALLAN NSW 2733 2 [KML] KW5C
10024494 ViaSat Earth Station, Tooranie Road, 5.3 km north of Moulamein Road intersection Mallan Mallan NSW 5 [KML] KW5C
9011527 Optus Lattice Tower Behind Kyalite Hotel Off Kyalite Road KYALITE KYALITE NSW 2715 16 [KML] KW2N
100926 Hotel KYALITE KYALITE NSW 2734 [KML] KW2N
10024511 ViaSat Earth Station, Yangwa Way, 230 m north east of Kyalite Road intersection Kyalite Kyalite NSW 5 [KML] KW2N
10029841 NSWTA 70m Lattice Tower 432 Coomaroop Rd TOOLEYBUC TOOLEYBUC NSW 2 [KML] KW5B
305159 Header Tank Murray Valley Highway via WOORINEN WOORINEN VIC 3589 6 [KML] KW5B
302490 AAPT Site Primary School School Rd BEVERFORD BEVERFORD VIC 3589 [KML] KW5B

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