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The Register is intended to be a handy source of reference information on radiocommunications services. Each search is generally limited to 100 results per page depending upon the particular options used. If you find that many of your queries exceed this number of records then it may be useful to download a copy of the daily RRL extract or consider using the ACMA Offline RRL.

RRL Archive

Historical licence data from 1996 is available in the RRL Archive database. Information about broadcasting service licences is also provided in the Register.

Legislative Basis

The Register has been prepared in accordance with Part 3.5 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992. The contents of the Register are set out in the Radiocommunications (Register of Radiocommunications Licences) Determination 2017.


We hope that you find the Register a useful source of information.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Register.  Please direct questions, comments, or any feedback to

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